Final Games Episode 35 - Patrick Dane

For the 35th episode, Liam’s banishing game and movie critic at Bleeding Cool, Patrick Dane. Liam puts Patrick to task as he gives his thoughts on some very interesting titles. Patrick’s 8 are varied and diverse, from PlayStation rhythm/fighter hybrids to hotly contested entries in some big games series. It’s a great listen and we hope you enjoy! Don't forget to follow on Soundcloud and leave a comment about what you thought of Patrick's choices! We'd love to hear what you the listeners think of

The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 1 And 2 Review - Far From Dead

Telltale’s The Walking Dead‘s first season remains one of the best storytelling achievements in games in the last few years by my account. It’s the game that transformed Telltale Games from an odd studio that seemed strangely focused on episodic adventure games, two things that weren’t exactly lighting up the charts in 2012, into a heavy hitter. With some real ground breaking moves, The Walking Dead almost invigorated both the genre and form, and the developer hasn’t looked back since. The serie

Battlefield 1 Review: DICE Create Their Best Ever With Impressive Take On WWI

Battlefield is a franchise that has always impressed me immensely. It’s focus on huge scale online matches and utterly breathtaking graphical capabilities are impossible to not get something out of. That being said, there is something incomprehensible about it to me. It is the only first person shooter I feel genuinely terrible at, it’s scale and pace of combat feeling incredibly off with my own sensibilities (more on that later). Add that alongside the mostly forgetable campaigns, and the serie

No Man's Sky Review - A Meeting Of Math, Art And Divisive Game Mechanics

So this is going to be a tough one. No Man’s Sky is one of the most complex pieces of art I’ve had to really think about critically, let alone deciding whether to give it a buying recomendation. The reason for that is that the game will be something different to each person. I don’t mean thatas each player will be exploring almost exclusively undiscovered galaxies, but rather, it will be totally different depending on what you want out of the game. The title has landed so very hot, with controv

YouTube Is Currently Awash With High School Drama Played Out On A Serious And Scary Scale

YouTube as an idea has changed the game, certainly in our field as a pop culture website, but also in just about every industry with an online presence. It’s a ludicrously powerful tool with a huge influence across the entire world, and viewerships that dwarf those of most television shows. Many see it as the birth of the new guard, and in the press field, many see it as the usurper to online website in the same way online once was to print. However, as YouTube has grown and grown, especially i

Interview: Jon Favreau Speaks With Us About The Jungle Book, Making Animals Talk And Getting People Into The Cinema

The Jungle Book is really quite good. It’s endlessly gorgeous and tells a fable like story, updating the now classic animated movie into an effects laden family film. There is so much that shouldn’t have worked about the movie, such as having photo realistic animals talking and singing, as that’s something that has barely ever looked great, but it blends it all to make a beautiful adventure well worth your time. A lot of that is a credit to the work of Jon Favreau. He sells the hell out of the
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